what is dtc

What is DTC

what is dtc

What is DTC

Direct-to-consumer is when any individual with a product on the market sells their product directly to the customer (the consumer).

DTC brands will facilitate these sales transactions through their website or app due to the low cost involved.

Selling direct-to-consumer has benefits, the ability to learn about your customers buying interests, and the ability to communicate with directly.

It also helps to keep costs low for the consumer it cuts out the middlemen who will usually take a cut of the sale.

DTC business model allows you to sell your products at a much higher quality and lower price.

This can make it easier for the consumer to understand exactly what their dollar is going to.

Direct-to-consumer continues to grow.

People responding positively to this business model considering 81 percent of consumers are planning to make at least one DTC purchase in the next four years.

Consumers also prefer the personalized and premium shopping experiences they encounter with DTC businesses.

Now instead of spending time and energy trying to make it into retailers and giving up a percentage of each sale or increasing the prices for your customers.

DTC (direct-to-consumer) is a relatively new business model that many companies have adopted in the last 10-15 years.

While these avenues are convenient to consumers, they come at a cost: these channels take a cut of a fixed dollar amount or percentage of every sale.

Today, DTC has changed the way merchants sell.

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