4 Pillars of Wealth and Abundance

Pillars; 4 Pillars of Wealth and Abundance

4 Pillars of Wealth and Abundance

4 Pillars of Wealth and Abundance


Have you ever wondered what the formula for a wealthy and abundant life is? Many people have. Lots has been written about the subject of wealth creation and living an abundant life. It was a breaking point in my journey and pursuit of success when I found out that there is a clear path to achieve success in life. Thanks to those who have shared their journey, we can clearly see and follow the principles of prosperity.

Pillars Wealth is the accumulation and possession of money and assets. Even though you may think it means the same as prosperity, the latter has a broader scope. Prosperity is about striving and succeeding in life. It is an abundant state of mind. That is why anyone planning on being wealthy should prepare for being prosperous instead.

Tom Butler Bowdon’s book 50 Prosperity Classics extracts the essential wisdom of the best books ever written on wealth creation and abundance to genuinely lay out the path to achieving a wealthy, abundant, and prosperous life.

This is what I learned. Let me show you the four pillars of wealth and prosperity.

1. It all starts in your mind.

Wealth creation really begins in the mind with your ideas, visions, ambitions, character, and beliefs. You can attract or repel wealth based on your inner thoughts about yourself, money and conception of others. So that is why you should start working on your mind first.

Disciplining pillars your mind to achieve the life you ultimately deserve and want to live will be the first step towards your prosperous life.

It has been proven that we have a financial blueprint resulting from our inner thoughts and life experiences.  Which can either let money flow to us or stop it. The same self-talk makes us happy or miserable, so you need to pay attention to your thoughts and be mindful of them.

To receive the good things you are wishing for, you must put your mind in order and get rid of negative emotions. Once you have cleansed your mind, good things will start pouring into your life.

When you feel negative emotions towards a person or situation, you are bound to that spot in time, and more of the same negativity will come to you.

The good news is that you can change the way you think to yourself and project your thoughts. Cognitive-behavioral therapy(CBT) offers resources that can help you change and adjust your mindset.

But start first by focusing on your blessings and opportunities. Make positive thoughts, opportunities, and abundance your primary state of being. Forget the past and forgive yourself and others to allow the streams of prosperity to open for you.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” ~ Wayne Dyer

2. Create wealth

Now that you have understood the psychological aspect of wealth creation, do not get too hung up on wanting to read all the personal development books in the library or kindle. You need to take action and start creating wealth.

Starting a business or a side hustle will help you tremendously.  Lots of people who have accumulated massive wealth have written about how they did it. That is a good start if you lack ideas on what to do to make money.

Having the right profession will work too, so don’t be disappointed if you have a regular job. It can also help you achieve wealth. For instance, you can work and still invest in real estate.

During this stage, do not forget to dream big. According to Conrad Hilton, his formula for success was working hard, praying, dreaming, and thinking big. Whatever you undertake, remember to excel at it. There is an old proverb that says that Excellence is profit.

3. Manage your wealth

Once you start making money, you have to be able to keep it. No matter how profitable you are, you have to learn how to make the most of what you have. Learning and applying principles like saving, investing, and living below your means or paying yourself first is essential to managing your finances.

Focusing on creating, saving, and investing wealth rather than expending makes the difference between rich and poor. What side do you want to be on?

Planning your purchases and having a budget will help you keep more in your pocket. Then invest what you have saved and use the magic of compound interest by reinvesting all interest or dividends you earn.

The work you put in to enhance your personal qualities and your financial situation is never a waste of time or resources. Money only magnifies or exhibits what is already inside you, either good or bad.

4. Share your fortune

The ultimate principle of prosperity pillars and abundance is sharing it. If you are blessed with the fortune of accumulating wealth, you will be expected to use it to inspire or heal your fellow human beings.

For whom much is given, much is required. I first heard that quote from Oprah Winfrey. Meaning it is your responsibility to give back. By closing that cycle of wealth flow, you will achieve true prosperity, abundance, and joy.

You can decide to change the world. It is in your hands. Although you don’t have to wait until you have lot’s to start giving and experiencing the joy of changing people’s lives. If you share when you have little, you will join the flow of wealth soon enough.

Decide to have a prosperous life. It is possible, and you deserve it.

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