Mindset From Lack To Abundance

Mindset From Lack To Abundance

Mindset From Lack To AbundanceWhen we hear the word abundance, the majority of us associate it to experiencing financial wealth. However, in its essence, abundance is about living in harmony with the expansiveness, and infinite nature, of your true self.

When you live within the realisation of your true abundant nature, it is physically manifested in financial abundance, love abundance, fun abundance, friendship abundance, etc.

The only reason why you worry about ‘lack’ (whether it is of resources, money, happiness, purpose, etc) is because you have been taught that worrying is the only way. All throughout life you have heard people talk about lack and limitation; it’s on the news, your parents talk about it, and so do your friends. There are only a very few individuals who have risen above such narrow beliefs.

“Release the idea of competition, and replace it with the idea of creation.” – Carla Schesser

The belief in scarcity perpetuates our sense of competition in the world. “Go to university and get as educated as you can so you can beat out the competition for the limited well-paying jobs!” they say. And once you get that job, “you’ve got to work nights and weekends if you really want to win!” This idea of competition comes from the belief that there is a financial pie. This pie is only so big and in order for you to obtain wealth, you’ve got to compete for a bigger piece of the pie. This sounds logical right? Well it is for the average individual, and that’s why the average individual is barely scraping by.

Release the idea of competition, and replace it with the idea of creation. All you must do is focus on developing your ability to create value for the world around you, and the amount of money that you can earn is unlimited.

Understand that it is worry and belief in lack that creates the scarcity that you may be experiencing. If you will stop believing in a lack of anything, then it will disappear from your experience.

So how do I adopt an abundance mindset, you ask?

The abundance mindset is more than a particular set of thoughts. It’s much more than thinking about yourself and your life in a certain manner. Your thoughts, or mindset, is actually more of an effect in the first place. The real cause of an abundance mindset is your emotional heart-set, or how you truly feel deep within you.

Perhaps the most telling of these emotions is the emotion of complete appreciation. Appreciation is the emotion of loving and accepting every single thing in yourself and the magnificent Universe around you. It’s a feeling of complete elation at the chance to experience another day on this wondrous planet.

It is this emotion that stimulates and gives birth to the mindset that is often thought of as the cause of abundance. Thus, we find that the most important pursuit for you at the outset is the cultivation of an abundant heart-set. After you have successfully switched your emotions from those of lack to those of abundance, you can then fine tune your experience by fine tuning your thoughts.


Below are some strategies that I have used with effectiveness to begin realising my true nature, and the reality of abundance.

Choose what you are most drawn to and experiment:

1. Meditation – The idea of meditation is to go beyond words and experience yourself as you truly are beyond your mental activity. It is the experience of complete inner silence. This practice begins to help you realise that abundance really is your birth right, and it is who you are at your most basic level. You begin to see that your belief in lack is nothing but thoughts that you have repeated your entire life. Meditation is the first step to changing yourself, because for the first time you’ll realise that you are more than what you’ve been living as.

2. Journaling – Take time each day to write positively about your life. By looking for and identifying the good that surrounds you, you are placing your attention on positivity. The more you place your attention on anything, the more its presence grows in your life. Therefore, the simple act of focusing on abundance and positive ideas, for ten or fifteen minutes a day, will expand its presence in your life. There is always something positive in your life no matter how bad you think your life is. Search for things that you could appreciate if you wanted to and focus on that.

3. Belief – Take some time to think of the most successful people you admire. Realise that you are exactly the same as them, no more and no less. We are all human beings and we all have the same potential for success. The difference between these successful individuals and those of us that don’t succeed is the exercise of that potential. In order for you to begin tapping into your infinite potential, a belief in yourself is first required. With belief, you’ll give your full efforts; on the flip side, without a belief in yourself you won’t even give it a shot.

4. Resources – Begin the daily habit of reading and consuming ideas that stem from abundance. As you first consume these ideas, they may feel off to you because you aren’t in resonance. However, by continually listening to these ideas they will start to influence your mind, and your predominant paradigm will subtly begin to shift. Try and get a bead on how these successful individuals think and feel about life. Once you identify their paradigms, do the work required to adopt them as your own.

By taking these four simple strategies and applying them to your life, you can begin to move towards abundance in all areas of your life. This will take time and effort, but the rewards far outweigh the effort necessary to realise them.

Give it your best for at least three months and see how far you’ll go in that short period of time. Any less than three months of solid effort won’t be enough to see any results, and you’ll end up discouraged. Tap into the power within you to remain consistent and you’ll soon experience the life that you desire.

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