The Mindset of A Youtube Superstar – Prince EA

Youtube; Mindset Youtube Superstar – Prince EA

The Mindset of A Youtube Superstar – Prince EA

Famous YouTube Star and rapper Prince EA has created a massive buzz around his conscious self help advice on Youtube, sharing knowledge and great insight into self development with his friends, fans and followers.

One of his videos has nearly reached 9 Million views and he has made it a habit to continuously create highly shared and highly viewed videos for the world.

His videos, “Can We Auto Correct Humanity?” and “Why I Think This World Should End” have amassed millions of views in just one to two months.

Prince EA has the golden touch when it comes to creativity and YouTube stardom.

If you’ve ever seen one of Prince Ea’s videos on social media, you can skip this intro and head straight to the podcast youtube.

But if you have no idea who he is, allow me to introduce you to a rising star in the world of spoken word artists.

I first discovered him a few years back when I saw one of his videos on Facebook.

It blew me away.

Since then, he has continued to spread powerful messages and create beautiful short films on YouTube that have millions of views youtube.

I’ve worked for months to get him on The School of Greatness and it finally happened.

Prince Ea, born as Richard Williams, is a St. Louis native who not only creates amazing spoken word pieces, but started a movement to support embracing intelligence and unity in the community (Make SMART  Cool).

He has become a world-wide inspirational phenomenon, sharing his incredibly inspiring messages through spoken word, music, and film online and has won several awards (in addition to performing with artists like Ludacris).

In our conversation, Prince dives deep into his journey of becoming a renowned artist, youtube what he’s had to break through to get there, and how he has learned to use the Internet as a platform for spreading good while keeping a healthy relationship with it.

It’s an amazing conversation to say the least.

I can’t wait to share this awesome interview with you in Episode 202 with world-changer Prince Ea.

Listen on as he shares his advice on developing a mindset that will help you build a huge online following like he has.

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Prince EA – Can We Auto Correct Humanity? – (8.9 Million Views)

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