How to Make Money With NFTs as a Beginner

How to Make Money With NFTs as a Beginner

How to Make Money With NFTs as a Beginner

Money NFTs are the talk of the town. From top brands and small businesses to celebrities and common individuals, everyone is raving about them and gearing to join the race. In 2021 alone, the NFT market surpassed the $12 billion mark, up from $162.4 million at the start of the year.

NFTs are the talk of the town. Everyone is raving about them and gearing up to join the race, from top brands and small businesses to celebrities and ordinary individuals. In 2021 alone, the NFT market surpassed the $12 billion mark, up from $162.4 million at the start of the year.


To earn money with NFTs, you should follow these seven tips:

  • Create and Sell NFTs
  • Trade NFTs
  • Rent Out NFTs
  • NFT Gaming
  • NFT Royalties
  • Licensed Collectibles
  • Stake NFTs

Let’s take a look at these seven tips and see how we might make money as a beginner.

1. Create and Sell NFTs

to profit from them. The answer is yes; you can make and sell NFTs of whatever you choose in the digital realm. It is possible to make money from your NFT inventions if you have a high level of inventiveness.

You may monetize your digital assets by creating and selling your NFT collection on sites like NFTically. However, users may sell NFTs on NFTically and other marketplace.

However, use NFTICALLY to mint your existing digital products into NFTs and then sell them for any price you like.

2. Trade NFTs

Investing in NFTs is a simple and practical approach to earning extra income. You may buy and sell NFT collections for a profit.

Trading NFTs, on the other hand, is not without its challenges. How you sell NFTs relies on a variety of things, including the NFT’s purpose and whether or not there’s any other interest in the item. Users may quickly discover these aspects via online research and comparison shopping at various retail establishments.

Before trading NFTs, recognize that not all are equal. They range in value from a million dollars to a few dollars. A trader’s job is to keep an eye out for opportunities to resell their products and profit handsomely in the future.

3. Rent Out NFTs

There are several methods to make money using non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFT makers and collectors may make money by renting out their creations. Using NFTs for a long time without needing to produce fresh ones is an intriguing feature.

You may rent out your NFTs in games that allow players to borrow NFT cards or any other platform that will enable you to do so. Platforms such as reNFT allow you to rent or lend NFTs to others.

Smart contracts will regulate the NFTs you rent, so there’s no need to be concerned; the NFT owner has the right to establish the rental agreement’s desired length and the NFT’s leasing fee.

4. NFT Gaming

Another recognized technique of getting money using NFTs is via NFT-based video games. Some games enable you to buy in-game products as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and then sell them for money. However, for the time being, they are few.

There is little doubt that other games will support NFT trading soon because of the excitement around NFTs.

For another reason, in-game NFTs are significantly more complex than basic digital trading cards or even more involved NFTs such as virtual art pieces.

5. NFT Royalties

Your NFTs may be a terrific source of continuous revenue if you set up a royalty. When your NFT gets traded on the secondary market, you may earn money via NFT royalties, which means that you will continue to make money even after selling your works to collectors.

Each time a digital asset gets traded to a new owner, you’ll get a royalty payment of 10% of the selling price.

Since the whole process is automated, there is no need to enforce your royalties conditions or monitor payment manually. As a result, you may earn a commission on every NFT sale you make by deciding on a royalty rate.

6. Licensed Collectibles

Transform actual heirlooms into NFTs, then resell them to make quick cash. On the blockchain, it is possible to safely keep and sell your tangible valuables for a similar or better price than before.

The most popular licensed NFT item so far is sports cards. Licensed memorabilia from companies are, however, starting to find their way onto the NFT bandwagon.

The NBA, for example, just launched its NFT card collection. There is no better time than now to turn your physical collection into NFTs and sell them.

7. Stake NFTs

Staking NFTs is another proven method of profiting from NFTs. Staking NFTs is putting digital assets into a De-Fi protocol smart contract to create a profit.

When it comes down to it, the stake is keeping digital works as “stakes” and distributing ownership to people who will assume responsibility for their care in exchange for a piece of the return for the NFT you have invested.

You may earn passive revenue by staking your NFTs on several platforms.


NFT’s future is still up in the air, but one thing is for sure: it’s not a fad. As a long-term trend, NFT has the potential to catch on and become widely accepted.

Because of its limits in the creative and gaming arena, NFT remains cheap. However, when more people and organizations join the Non-Fungible Token ecosystem, it is likely to develop exponentially.

Once you’ve learned how to profit from NFTs and what the future holds, now is the time to start. If you want to mint digital art and then transform it into an NFT, you may use NFTICALLY a B2B SaaS White Label NFT Marketplace.

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