dtc; Handmade Jewelry Into a DTC Business

dtc; Handmade Jewelry Into a DTC Business

DTC, Brittany Hopkins is a creative at heart.


“My retreat is making,” Brittany said. “If it gets stressful, I want to just make jewelry.”

Ever since she was a kid, Brittany has been making jewelry. She later pursued goldsmithing and jewelry studies in school. In 2008, Brittany launched Anice Jewellery by making and selling custom jewelry dtc.

 Brittany Hopkins in a multi-colored dress against a brick wall, dtc wearing some of her custom jewelry.
Anice Jewellery founder Brittany Hopkins turned her passion for jewelry making into a successful online business with two retail locations. Anice Jewellery

Unlike most makers who use Etsy as a launching pad, Brittany created her own dtc online store.

“I really wanted to be independent right from the get-go,” shared Brittany. “Having my own Shopify ecommerce store gave me an opportunity to play around with different templates and have my own home base.”

Firstly, Without the initial discoverability of an online marketplace, Brittany met her clients organically through local events.

“I hit the pavement,” said Brittany. “It was really about gaining exposure through doing various shows and markets when I started doing custom jewelry.”

 A gold wedding band with various gems encrusted.
Brittany wanted a place of her own and launched on Shopify when she started Anice Jewellery. Anice Jewellery

Secondly, One satisfied customer at a time dtc, Brittany built relationships within the Toronto community and a reputation for being the go-to maker for handmade and vintage jewelry to dtc.

“Our strongest form of marketing is still through word of mouth because jewelry is based on trust,” Brittany said. “Especially after ten years now, the amount of people that continue to come back is pretty amazing.”

After celebrating a decade in business, Brittany recently opened her second retail location in prime neighborhoods of Toronto and Prince Edward County dtc.

“I would say location is really important to do your research on, making sure that there’s nothing like you around. That you’re bringing a unique offering to the location that you’re going to,” Brittany said.

Take a listen to Brittany’s full interview on Shopify Masters to hear how she identified the ideal locations for her business, her marketing strategies, and financial tips for entrepreneurs dtc.

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