Turn Retail Store Success Into Ecommerce Sales

Turn Retail Store Success Into Ecommerce Sales

Have you ever gone camping and really missed the luxury of a shower? Ecommerce, Well, that’s exactly what the folks at RinseKit have tapped into.

They created a portable, pressurized shower for the great outdoors.

Founded in 2014 by Chris Crawford, RinseKit was inspired by an avid surfer looking for a way to rinse off in between work and his frequent trips to the beach. After tinkering around in his own garage, Chris created RinseKit, a new portable shower system that has helped tens of thousands of people worldwide to clean off.

Founder Chris Crawford owned a pool company before he went on to create RinseKit back in 2014.
Founder Chris Crawford owned a pool company before he went on to create RinseKit back in 2014. RinseKit

After succeeding in retail stores RinseKit decided to transition to ecommerce.

Their transition took place back in 2020, and like many companies at the time, they were faced with supply shortages.

Instead of taking a pause and hibernating until products were again available, RinseKit utilized backorder management. This system provides sellers an efficient way to communicate with their customers and get them their products as quickly as they can restock, allowing customers to pre-order from their online store front.

This allowed them to keep up the momentum, while still communicating with their customers and keeping them up-to-date on their orders.

By focusing on their ecommerce strategies and their customer communications, they experienced 60% growth in sales for that year.

A surfer using a portable shower by RinseKit next to a camper van
Despite supply chain shortages, RinseKit continued their sales efforts by giving customers the option to place pre-orders and getting regular shipping updates. RinseKit

“The key is communication and following through with your customers.”

Hailey Martinez, the Director of Operations at RinseKit shared. “So you don’t lose that loyalty and trust”.

Making the shift to an online storefront allowed RinseKit to fully control their branding, pricing strategies, customer experiences, and education surrounding their product.

They could now utilize video demonstrations on the showers’ many purposes, and entice new customers with their content.

They have since gained more agency over the metrics and data surrounding their sales, and have turned these numbers into tools to grow their brand as a whole.

In Conclusion, Tune into the full Shopify Masters episode to hear how Hailey and the team at RinseKit transitioned their retail success over to ecommerce, and utilized branding to educate customers on their new and innovative products.

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