The 5 Areas Of Personal Development

The 5 Areas Of Personal Development

How familiar are you with personal development? Areas Is it something that you partake in regularly? Or are you wondering what I’m even talking about? Whether you are the former, the latter, or somewhere in between, this post will either help you level up your personal growth, or help you begin your personal development journey.

5 Areas of Personal Development

Let’s first start with what personal development is. It’s a very broad subject. The Business Dictionary defines it as, “The process of improving oneself through such activities as enhancing employment skills, increasing consciousness and building wealth.”

For me, personal development can be anything that helps you go after your best self.

There are several different topics within the personal development world, but they all seem to fall under five major categories.

The categories are mental, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical. Today we are going over each of these categories. Stick around to learn how to add personal development into your life, no matter how busy your day is.

1. Mental

The first of the five areas of personal development is all about growing your mind. You can partake in many mental personal development activities.

Some examples are taking a class, reading a book, or watching an informational YouTube video to improve your skills. By setting aside some time each day, or each week, you can see growth in your career, increased productivity, and so much more.

My favorite activities to do in this personal development category are reading books on my industry, listening to podcasts, and taking courses.

Earlier this year I took the Social Media Marketing course, over at HubSpot Academy, and I was able to get a certification from it.

Do you already prioritize mental personal development in your life? If so, what activities do you enjoy doing?

2. Social

This category is all about improving your communication. In my opinion, areas this category is the most overlooked. However, social personal development is an important activity to practice.

Learning a new language, practicing your public speaking skills, and committing to doing more active listening are all activities that can help with social personal development.

When was the last time that you did any of these activities? If it has been a while I want to challenge you to pick at least one to do this week.

3. Spiritual

Spiritual areas personal development can mean something different for each person. The best way that I know how to describe it is anything that brings you peace and helps you connect to your true self.

The activities that fall under this category can be anything from spending time in prayer and reading your Bible, to taking a nature walk or meditating. For more examples check out this article.

During my spiritual personal development time I like to participate in a Bible study or connect with people from my church. Discussing the message from the sermon on Sunday fills my cup up unlike anything else can.

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