Exponential Success

Exponential Success

Exponential Success

Despite the clever memes on social media, not every success-minded person is set up to experience the benefits that come from implementing personal development consistently. And one thing you should understand, it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Becoming the best version of yourself can lead to a life of freedom, make an impact in the lives of your family, friends, and community, and create more security. Not working on yourself can be a nightmare that doesn’t end. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation.

Before deciding to pursue a higher level of personal growth and tackling your major goals, you should have some certainty that you’re set up to properly experience all the effects of success in a person’s life. Too much success has hurt people just as much as a lack of success.

Life is not a movie where things magically work out no matter what. You can’t be 100% certain about everything, but there are six real signs you’re ready to experience exponential growth.

1. You’re consistently self-motivated

Having the ability to do the work it requires to create success, doing it alone, and consistently getting tasks completed is an important part of growth. If you are the type of person who works better with someone telling you what you should be doing and when — you might not be ready to experience exponential success. The self-growth journey is lonely at times, and you only get out of it what you put into it day in and day out. You have to be self-motivated to complete tasks, do the work hard, and do the work even when you don’t feel it.

“If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore.” – Michele Ruiz

2. You have a strong foundation

Before you consider making any big change, you should have an established foundation. This foundation includes having your finances in order, healthy habits, a strong mindset, a solid network of support, daily learning, and a desire to grow. You never know when things won’t work out as planned. Even if they don’t, having a strong foundation puts you in the best place to recover quickly.

3. You understand how to deal with pressure

The stress that can come from becoming the best version of yourself, as you do the work, will feel overwhelming at times. You have to juggle life, business, family, career, friendships, and more while dealing with pressure from what can feel like too many different angles. To experience exponential success, you have to be the type of person that doesn’t crumble with pressure and stress. There’s never a great time to make a transition. Everyone experiences stress in life, but your ability to cope is a sign you’re set up to experience success and growth.

4. You’ve done the research

Whatever you want to accomplish in life starts with research on the steps it will take to accomplish those goals. You should be an expert on each of those steps. The Internet and social media provide an opportunity to do research while taking action. You’ll need a road map to become the best version of yourself. Having done the research is one of the best ways to take action powerfully.

5. You’re leveraging the power of passion and purpose

Passion isn’t enough on its own, but you better believe it’s an important part of creating success and experiencing growth. There are moments when the work can feel like a job. Your passion and purpose are what remind you to continue moving forward if you’re going to get to the good stuff. If you don’t have a vision for where this is all going, you might not be ready. Leverage passion and purpose because they’re important to harness exponential success.

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” – Ferdinand Foch

6. You’re an original

The journey to becoming the best version of yourself can be exciting, or it can frustrate you into quitting. When there’s frustration at a lack of growth, people turn to copying others that are experiencing success as a way to grow.

The success path that worked for someone else probably won’t work for you because each person is different, and the path is not the same. Each of us has a unique journey to create success. You have to find what works for you if you’re going to experience exponential success. If you are not relying on copying someone else as your success strategy, it’s a surefire sign that ready for the growth and results that come from being an original.

Don’t pursue higher levels of success if you’re not ready for the uncertainty that can come from a life of pursuing excellence.

Freedom is amazing,

and it can be yours if you’re willing to become the best version of yourself in every way.

Get real about what you want to accomplish. Get honest about whether or not you’re ready. It may take time, but that’s okay. Life is sweeter when you’re living in full alignment.

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