Clear: Paving The Way To Spiritual Freedom

Paving a Path to Your Personal Liberation

Yet within each human being, whether American or South African, there is another kind of freedom waiting to be declared. No one can give it to you, but it is yours for the claiming. It costs nothing, but will most likely require you to give up everything you’ve ever held on to in the name of safety and security.

Personal Liberation Is An Inside Job

The freedom of which I speak is the freedom every human ultimately seeks. No matter how much or how little money or education we have, no matter who or how much we know, or how many titles or possessions we accumulate, our task is the same. We’re here to discover and align with our soul’s agenda, to live out the life we came to live, as the person we came to be. We’re here to grow beyond our narrow definitions of who we think we are and claim our personal liberation.

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Yet here is where the human journey gets interesting. Because if you take a look around, you’ll notice that in spite of all we’ve achieved throughout human history, humanity still struggles with the same issues our earliest ancestors faced. Today, our physical survival is threatened, not by meteors crashing into earth causing mass extinction, but by the mass extinction human activity has helped bring about and caused to accelerate. Our earliest ancestors faced fierce predators that threatened their survival. Today, the fiercest predators we confront are those we see in the mirror.

So the question arises, who did you come here to be? I’m not talking about a job description or role identification. I’m speaking of the quintessential qualities you came to embody and express, as the unique human being you are. Given that there is no other you, what will be missing in the entire human experience unless you bring it? If humanity is a 7 billion faceted diamond, what is your individual facet about?

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