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Does it exist? ?Some sorta powerful “marketing tool” where every $1 you spend makes you $42 back? 

Or is it some kinda “return on investment mythical Unicorn?”?

Well, I ain’t no magician (and I ain’t got no Unicorn) but I DO HAVE great news… it DOES exist and it’s called Email Marketing. 
…And those who say “email marketing is dead” are DEAD WRONG. 

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you’re absolutely leaving money on the table if you’re not following up with your leads + buyers with emails. 

How do I know this? 

Well, let’s just say I found out the hard way. I made the common mistake of… well, let me just tell you from the beginning…
It all started back in 2017 when I was just started selling online doing DROPSHIPPING. My strategy was a lot like others who were selling products that they didn’t have to have at the time which looked like this:

✅Step 1: Choose a niche audience to sell to (example: older women who knit and love Jesus)

✅Step 2: Design a website that will attract them, and convert them to buy

✅Step 3: Sell them via Facebook™ advertising. Easy, right? 

HA!  Wouldn’t you like to think…?
Sure, it was easy in a sense where I didn’t have to have the products or ship them myself (the supplier handled that), BUT, it wasn’t that hard to make a decent income since I was introduced to e-mail marketing. 

Maybe you’ve heard that launching an eCommerce store was a quick way to make money? 
Or maybe you thought that because you saw a guru post screenshots of substantial sales days?
Either way, you’re probably left scratching your head with no clear direction on what to do next, or how to take your eCom business to the next level.
What you see is just the tip of the iceberg and BENEATH the iceberg is where the magic happens for the successful folks.

For example, did you know…Up To 79% Of People Leave WITHOUT PurchasingThat means 79% of people who click your ‘Order Now’ button and land on your checkout page leave without purchasing.

That should leave you  scratching your head  pulling your hair out a bit, right??  Most likely wondering why would a person visit your sales page and leave your checkout without purchasing?? 

There’s no telling why, but it could be multiple reasons: 

  • Maybe they didn’t have their payment info handy? 
  • Maybe their newborn baby started crying??
  • Maybe they encountered technical difficulties??? 
  • Or maybe their power went out????

For whatever reason it may be, it’s YOUR responsibility as an eCom marketer to give them more opportunities to pick up where they left off and ultimately buy. 
Lucky for you, I have those opportunities served on a silver platter and ready for your taking! And believe me, you’ll be thankful you did; given that every click you send to your store costs about $1 in advertising.That Said, Let’s Do Some Quick Math…I don’t know about you, but I like having full control of my business. That’s why I choose to trade DOLLARS for dollars with paid advertisement (Facebook ads, Google Ads, YouTube ads..etc.) versus trading TIME for dollars with organic advertising (SEO, Social Media…etc.) 

Paid traffic allows me to turn up the “traffic flow” whenever I want to instead of being out of control and rely on viral luck. 

And because of that, here’s what I’ve learned after spending almost $2,000,000 of my own money on advertisement:

If you send 100 clicks to your site it will cost you about $100 (remember, $1 per click). 
Out of those 100 visitors, about 21 people will land on your checkout page (where they enter their payment info). 

Out of the 21 people who land on your checkout page, about 2-4 will buy.“Okay Ÿwän, 18 people left without purchasing…WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL??”Great question! …But, let’s think on a bigger (long-term) scale. 

WHAT IF in one month you send 10,000 clicks which = 1,800 people leaving without purchasing??That that’s a lot of dough? being left on the table. BUT, What If You Can Get The 10% To Come Back & Buy? To successfully get 10% to return would add 180 more buyers PER MONTH in added revenue!

That alone could bring life-changing results for you, your family, and your eCom business. And there’s no debate that capital is the oxygen of any new business and a lack of it IS the #1 reason it’ll fail. That’s why it’s so important to stop any “leaks” that could someday sink your ship. And that’s exactly why it’s next to impossible to have a successful eCom store without having a solid email follow up in place.

Not only will email bring back your abandoned sales, but it will also increase the most important metric. This will give you the ability to advertise more and result in more sales. What is the most important metric ya ask? Most Important Metric = A.O.V. (Average Order Value) How do I know this? Well, I spend around $60,000 per month in advertising, and the one important metric I’ve learned to focus on most is to increase your average order value. Why?…

Let’s say your average order value per customer is $50. That means you can spend up to $40 per sale in advertising and STILL be profitable. Now, imagine after tweaking your sales funnel, your A.O.V. doubles to $100. That’s where the magic happens and where more opportunities to scale faster than ever open up because your PROFIT MARGINS INCREASE DRASTICALLY. What’s The Secret To Increasing Your A.O.V?
R) Email marketing (IF you know how to write copy that sells).

And like most who don’t know how – be prepared to fork over the bucks to find a decent copywriter worth your while.
Luckily for you, I do. 

I’ve written emails for some of the top marketers, and most likely some of my emails have landed in your inbox. 
I get why you’ve neglected to add email to your eCom sales funnel – it’s expensive to hire a copywriter out. (up to $100/hr in some cases!)
But the truth is, it’s even more expensive NOT to have solid emails in place because…

Having These Emails At Your Fingertips Is An Unfair Advantage! Why?  Because you Can Easily…

  1. Recover Cart-Abandonments
  2. Upsell Your New Customers
  3. Cross-Sell Your Customers
  4. Promote Special Offers
  5. Welcome Your New Customers

With Simplicity, Comes Variety.
  • Multiple subject lines PER EMAIL to choose from, so you can be sure to get the highest open-rates!A

  • “Paint-By-Numbers” eCom email marketing pack, so you can be sure you’ve set it up the most profitable way

  • SPAM Proof, so you can be sure to land in your customer’s main inbox every time

  • Carefully Crafted for relationship building, and increasing your Average Cart Value (ACV)

  • Stand Out From Your Competition, so you can dominate your market no matter how saturated it is

  • Intended Pattern Interruptions, so your customer’s “promo-detector” radar doesn’t go off, resulting in less engagement, and worst of all…fewer buyers!

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